Cuticle nippers Osom Professional ECN111S, 4 mm

Tool Care:

  • Maintenance instructions depend on the type of tool. After using the tools, remove any dirt (acrylic powder leftovers, nail clippings, dust, etc.) to ensure proper operation of moving tool parts. Thoroughly clean after each use.
  • Keep the cuticle nippers clean and oil moving parts regularly to prevent the tool from rusting. If rust is observed on the tool, clean the nippers moving parts, lubricate them with oil and remove excess if necessary.
  • When disinfecting tools, do not hold them vertically with the cutting blade pointing downwards as you may damage them. Place them horizontally on a flat surface. Do not leave metal tools in the disinfectant overnight – store them as recommended in the disinfectant instructions.
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Cuticle nippers Osom Professional ECN111S, 4 mm

For professional use.

Osom Professional is a premium nail care tools that delivers superior performance and is manufactured by experienced professionals using modern technology. The cuticle nippers is distinguished by its durability, lightness and sharpness, so you can remove unwanted cuticles without damaging nail plate or skin. These features will allow manicure professionals to cut cuticles easily, quickly and conveniently.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Osom Professional – products for true professionals.


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OSOM Professional