About us

About us

Where professionalism and creativity meet

Since the day of establishment, Krinona, UAB is an independent family business whose history began in 1997. The specialists of the company focus on keeping up with the latest trends within the industry. As experienced professionals in the field of domestic and professional use, we constantly search for economically effective, high-quality and innovative products for the global beauty market. In 2013, to remain one of the market leaders, Krinona, UAB created its own trademark OSOM Professional. It is a professional line of beauty and care products for hair, make-up and manicure.

We enjoy to exceed our customers’ expectations

We understand individual needs, we are innovative and always wiling to meet our customers’ expectations. We provide private label services to companies, salons, well-known brands, start-ups and other beauty professionals.

Our aim is to create exceptional products and exceptional trademarks. Our trademark OSOM has gained The OSOM brand has won the great trust of Lithuanian professionals.

International business standards and ethics

Our values and traditions are the absolute foundation for our long-term success. As one of the representatives of Lithuanian family manufacturers, we value high quality products and advanced compositions, moreover, guarantee a strict policy of discretion and confidentiality. OSOM by Krinona, UAB are designed, created and manufactured with highest innovative scientific standards.

These products for hair, make-up and manicure are subject to our slogan “Professionalism starts with OSOM”.