Krinona, UAB is proud to have reached one of the most important aims of the company: it has created a modern and efficient logistics centre in Kaunas, Lithuania. Spacious and modern logistics centre The spacious and modern logistics centre covers an area of more than 8000m2 for storage of goods.

Our partners have the exclusive opportunity to receive goods not only from the local warehouse but also from the production warehouses directly. This geographical location of goods warehouses provides additional opportunities to save partners’ transportation costs.

Logistics. An exclusive logistics layout system helps to manage product movement and ensure the product management and coordination. We deliver goods to the partners in the most efficient and safe way (according to the partner’s needs).

Logistics warehousing responsibilities of Krinona, UAB:

– To plan and coordinate delivery of the goods to our Partners at the lowest cost possible;
– To ensure delivery of the required products and delivery of the required quantity to the right place at the right time, while enabling the customer to obtain the highest possible profit;
– To ensure the safest and most reliable product delivery.

The main activities in the field of logistics:

– Order processing;
– Inventory management;
– Transportation;
– Warehousing and storage.

Service after the transaction. Part of the company’s activities is dedicated to the customer after-sales service provided to the customers who have purchased the products. These services include products maintenance, repairs, after-sales service and consulting.

Packaging. Logistics packaging is protection of the product from any harmful external influences during its storage or transport, as well as indications on how the packaged product should be handled.

In each individual case, please contact us by e-mail: viktorija@krinona.lt